The Concrete Protector carries a full line of coatings materials, prep equipment, polishing systems, and much more! From conventional epoxies to our unique and award-winning Graniflex system...we have a solution for your next project. Check out the most popular materials below. for more information, give us a call or submit an online info-request here.

Graniflex Flake Garage Exton, Pa.jpg


Winner 2015 World of Concrete "Most Innovative Product"

Using SaniTred base materials, this is a permanently flexible and waterproof coating system that is also highly decorative. Perfect for garages, basements, and patios with existing condition issues that cause normal epoxies to fail.


Scientific concrete polishing

The Scientific Concrete Polishing System was developed to provide a clear and simple system that contractors can easily adopt, architects can measure, and owners can trust for their home or business.

Concrete Wood - Clifton Heights, PA.jpg

rustic concrete wood

Easily our most exciting system and a sure-fire crowd pleaser! We can transform your normal concrete into a "wood" floor that will fool your friends every time. Unlimited design options for board size, color, and layout. Can be combined with SaniTred base layers to add waterproof capabilities in places that laminate or real wood flooring can't go.


polyhard sl

Winner 2017 World of Concrete "Most Innovative Product"

A low odor, solvent free, self-leveling slurry that works to protect your floor. Polyhard SL is specially formulated to protect against thermal shock, impact, and chemical exposure while providing you with a durable, high performance floor.

Metallic Marble Epoxy.jpeg

metallic marble epoxy

Our high-grade neat coat epoxy combined with CP Metallic Marble stains creates a truly one-of-a-kind floor for your space. No two are the same and colors can be adjusted to suit any taste.             


quick patch

Winner 2016 World of Concrete "Most Innovative Product"

Quick Patch is a thin fluid that can fix extremely fine cracks, or may be mixed with sand to repair large cracks, chips, pops, spalling, pavement divots, broken concrete, and more.

This is just a sampling of our most popular materials. Our full product catalog includes an EXTENSIVE listing of prep and application equipment, diamond grinding tooling, high-quality conventional epoxy, asphalt repair/replacement, decorative textures....and MUCH more. Call us or send an online information request to get in touch and learn how we can help you succeed on your next project!