As the distributor of The Concrete Protector in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are familiar with the conditions and challenges unique to this area. First and foremost, we train, supply, and support contractors who want to be successful with our products.

If you have a potential project at your home or business we'll be happy to go over the details and options with you, and pair you with a certified contractor in your home town who has been through our training program. Our staff remains involved throughout the process to ensure a successful project for everyone involved.

Occasionally, a certified contractor is unavailable, or we are requested to perform an installation with our staff. We apply these experiences in the field to providing the best training and support possible. 

Whether you are a contractor interested in learning the benefits and application techniques of CP materials, in need of a consultation for your project, or considering specifying CP materials on a technical plan...we look forward to assisting you! 


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