We help contractors build incredible businesses!


Our motto is: "If you don't succeed, we don't succeed" 

We approach training differently than other coatings providers. Our goal is for you to be successful...that's it. To that end, our staff provides a unique combination of training and support. 

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2-Day general training class

This is where it all starts. We'll introduce you to the most popular CP materials and get right into the mechanics of how and why they work.

- Project Prep - It's ALL about prep...do it right so you do it once.

- Concrete Repair 

- SaniTred & Graniflex - Unique and only available from CP.

- Rustic Concrete Wood - Artistic, functional, and always a crowd-pleaser.

- We'll also demonstrate other CP systems based on the group's interests, including Metallic Marble Epoxy, PolyHard SL, flagstone and tile texture overlays, Elasta-Stone, and more.

We know that having great materials is only part of the equation when trying to run a successful business. You also need to find leads, accurately estimate projects, close sales...and manage the crew. During this 2-day class we will also cover these sometimes mundane, yet critical aspects such as: Prep & Material Estimation, Site Management, Online Marketing, Lead Development, and more.

The class is typically 1/3 classroom and 2/3 hands-on demonstration in the lab. Attendees come from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds, large companies and start-ups; this creates a unique and interesting opportunity for networking and collaboration. Snacks, coffee, lunch provided.

workshops and specialized support

After attending the 2-day event your company will be certified in the use and application of CP materials. Certified trainees can continue honing their skills through advanced technical training workshops for crew-members, marketing support for the sales team, online/social media presence support, equipment procurement, showroom use for your clients, or detailed project estimation and planning.

"If you don't succeed, we don't succeed"